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the games good but the  aliens has  the lowest attack range ever

Nice job on the update! I had a lot of fun running around and blasting all of those crazy aliens haha. I couldn't find the keycard though. I checked for a while but no luck. Still pretty fun though. Thanks!


this game has the potential to be come the great if the would have added weapons and more things to interect with ! great game overall !

HI there buddy! Thanks for your interest in this game. It really means a lot to me. And the game is still in development. You can expect more aliens and weapons in the update. I hope you like the updated version of the game. Also kindly let me know if you want to add any features that could help improve the game play experience. Thanks again and  Have a great day! #StaySafe ~JannerBros



What Jam is this for? It's categorized for United Game Jam, but this was started much before then


Game defiinietly needs more stuff added to it, and I can see it become great later down the line, still was a pretty fun, and tad bit spoopy of an experience

Hey suchParadoxon, Thanks for your interest in this game. It really means a lot to me. And yeah the game was made in 2 days for a jam and i'm still working on it and adding more stuffs to it. More aliens, secret doors, improved AI, cut scenes and a whole lot of stuffs are coming during the update. Hope you like the future updates. Thanks again and  Have a great day! #StaySafe ~JannerBros


Yeah, I'll definietly check back again once there's new stuff, looking forward to it :D

Stay safe my dude

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Thanks Queenfaith. Also the game is still under development ... don't forget to play the updated version later once it completed. Hope you guys like it. Have a great day! #StaySafe Queenfaith

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yes creepy game :D


This game looks pretty nice and i think it has potential to be pretty damn good, but it's really slow moving right now. I managed to find the alien twice and he killed me instantly because i couldn't find a gun or any weapon. It felt like i was searching trash piles forever just to die swiftly.


Lol! Hey there bro! Thanks for the review. It really means a lot to me and yeah the game is still under development as I made this game in just 2 days for the game jam. The only way to escape from the alien right now is to run away from it without turning back. Sure will be adding more weapons, more doors and some cut scene stories to it. Hope you will like it. Have a great day masterkeef and stay safe. ! :D